There is hardly any denying to the fact that Bhandardara offers one of the most beautiful and unrivalled traveling experience in the country. The setting of Western Ghats, the enigmatic experience in the Umbrella and Randha falls, the trekking and camping destination which gives a panorama of Sahyadri mountain ranges, valleys of fog etc. all makes up for an unprecedented experience. Of late, the Bhandardara has started gathering nature lovers especially the trekking enthusiasts on the lookout for Treks near Mumbai, Pune and Nasik. The monsoon time freak out with group activities cumulates for a lifetime memorable experience.

Umbrella fall :
Bhandardara Dam is one of the oldest in the country built in 1926 and is popular for its Umbrella Falls which is real treat for eyes. Umbrella waterfall is actually not a natural waterfall but it is an excess water release from flood gates of Bhandardara dam and flows down on the rocks creating delusion of umbrella.

umbrella waterfalls at bhandardara pc google images

Umbrella Waterfalls : Google Images

Randha fall :
Around 10km from Bhandardara there is one more waterfall presents stunning view with its roaring sound while falling down of Pravara River. This Randha waterfall is very popular and it is also featured in many Bollywood films.

randha waterfalls bhandardara pc ryan dsilva

Randha Waterfalls : Google Images