Bhandardara dam :
Bhandardara Dam also known as Wilson Dam, is one of the oldest in the country built in 1926. It is situated at the height of 150 meters above sea level and the catchment space of this dam is 122 Sq. km. (47 Sq. miles). At the base of the Dam there is a garden gifted with bushy greenery and streams.

wilson dam bhandardara pc aniruddh thikam

Wilson Dam, Bhandardara : By Mr.Aniruddha Thikam

Umbrella Falls :
Umbrella Falls is an artificial waterfall which gets formed when one of the stream gates from the Wilson Dam is opened. This popular waterfall is elusively umbrella-shaped as it fans out over the rocks. The ideal time to visit umbrella fall is during monsoon season when water level is highest.

umbrella waterfalls at bhandardara pc google images

Umbrella Waterfalls : Google Images

Amruteshwar Temple :
Another spot not to be missed while going to Bhandardara sightseeing is the Amruteshwar Temple. This temple made in 11th century in the Hemadpanti style is dedicated to Lord Shiva and makes for a splendid site along with its ambiance of green trees clad mountains and moving clouds.

amruteshwar temple pc jogi prajapti

Amruteshwar Temple, Ratanwadi : Mr.Jogi Prajapati

Arthur Lake :
Arthur Lake also known as Lake Arthur Hill is formed because of the water coming from Pravara River. It is said that Agastya Rishi meditated at this lake constantly for over a year. This Lake acts like a reservoir for the Wilson Dam.

arthur lake at bhandardara pc aniruddh thikam

Arthur Lake : Mr.Aniruddha Thikam

Randha Falls :
Randha fall is another beautiful place of Bhandardara sightseeing. The thriving River Pravara slopes down from a height of 170 ft into a valley. It is a third leading fall in India. At the other hand of this waterfall there is a deep valley with gigantic beehive.

randha waterfalls bhandardara pc ryan dsilva

Randha Waterfalls : Google Images

Sandhan Valley :
People fond of mountaineering and trekking activities must choose Sandhan Valley Trek to gain a unique adventurous experience comprised of different activities, like staying at amidst nature and performing rappelling activities. Here, you will find water carved valley of huge depth equal to 200 feet.

sandhan in monsoon pc dipti bharwada

Sandhan Valley, Samrad : Ms.Dipti Bharwada