camping at bhandardara pc neenad arulIf one wants to experience nature first hand, they can opt for night camping at Bhandardara; right under the sky with millions of stars and one of the beautiful lakes of Maharashtra. For Bhandardara camping, it is ideal to free a couple of days from your schedule to relish of the highest ranges in the state at a leisurely pace.

Why camping???

Being in the vicinity of nature is the prime experience which stays with us. Since limited hotel stay options at nearby Bhandardara region or home stays at nearby village are the only accommodation options, Bhandardara camping is one of the first activities you shall indulge in. Camping is a time when you go back to basics and enjoy simple pursuits like watching stars, reading, playing games with groups. It offers peace, tranquil and relaxing atmosphere that can help you to get close with nature.

Other attractions :

After overnight camping, you can also go for Sandhan Valley Trek. To start this trek you can hit the Valley of Shadow from Karoli Ghat base or you can also go for Bhandardara sightseeing like Amruteshwar Temple near Ratanwadi or Wilson dam.

So, Campfire is ON !! Just pack your bags and get set GO !!!